A tiny toad eats everything on a quest to become the largest thing in the universe.


A seemingly normal afternoon turns upside down when one tiny toad gains the ability to grow in size with each thing that he eats… He is on a quest to consume the entire universe in this fast-paced addictive game. Only time will tell what he will become.. Easy to get into, difficult to master; this is one game you won’t be able to put down!

  • 12 ridiculous Toad forms to evolve through ranging from a small Toad, to a 3-headed beast, to a celestial entity! Watch Toad progress and reveal more of his epic saga!
  • Over 40 enemy types to be devoured ranging from insects, to humans, to planets- each with a backstory! Eat at least one of everything for the full story
  • Track how many enemies you’ve eaten
  • See how you stack against other Toads on four separate Game Center Leaderboards
  • Toad-aly awesome Game Center achievements! Can you unlock them all?
  • Amazing graphics! Adorable and disgusting at the same time. You know you need to see what form comes next..
  • Collect coins to upgrade your Toad through 50 levels!
  • Two gameplay modes! Survival to test how far you can get starting with form 1 and Normal mode to pick up right where you left off!
  • Evolving music that changes based on your Toad’s size!



Additional Links

An interview with TechRaptor about Toadled at a PlaycraftingNYC expo



Development Process

Loosely based on Giant Fox Studio’s older Flash game, Fatality, Toadled’s concept came about while Jaime Fraina was traveling in Thailand. Jaime coded a prototype of the game in Unity3D while working as a summer camp counselor at ID Tech Camp. He reached out to Scott Hyun, an ex-co-worker at High 5 Games, to work on the illustrations. Scott killed it with the art style which helped the game catch the attention of some publishers.

Toadled was first published on the iOS App Store and Google Play by Playometry in 2015. After about a year of being on Playometry’s mobile channels, Giant Fox Studios wanted to move the game over to a different publisher that could bring even more visibility and traffic to the game. They found K Bros as a new publisher and worked with them to re-release it with some big updates and a Steam version too. The game was very well received by K Bros’ audience and led to over a million views on YouTube Let’s Play reviews. After this success while working with K Bros, Toadled was moved to Giant Fox Studio’s account and is now a self-published game!

Two major updates have been added since the game has changed to be a Giant Fox Studios self-published title. The first major update introduced a new toad, Georgina, to the mobile version of the game as an additional Toad character that players can select from. Each day, users receive 1-3 gems from a treasure chest. Once they reach 15 gems, they can play as Georgina. Players could also spend $0.99 to unlock her at any time. Her stats are increased separately from Toad’s, and Georgina has her own forms and storyline. The most recent update includes two new forms for both Toad and Georgina. What’s bigger than a Toad-sized planet? You’ll have to make it all the way to the end of Survival Mode to find out. You really want to have maxed out stats before you go for these. There may also a be a hidden stage 13 for anyone brave enough to try to reach it 😉


Jaime Faina
Product Designer and Manager, Developer


Damien Calsi
Sound Designer

Scott Hyun
2D Artist


Goran Caric
2D Artist