Taking our local barcade’s site from feeling bad to rad!


We love barcades and supporting local businesses. That’s why we decided to help out our local barcade redesign their website after the pandemic was over. They were in a tough spot and needed to show people that Quarters was reopened and had a lot of fun events happening all the time. They had a previous developer create a site in WordPress for them that was sexy and cool, but difficult to update and expensive to maintain.


The first thing we did was a competitor analysis and looked at other barcade websites. We noticed trends in styling, information hierarchy, and more. We thought through best practices and how we want to guide users’ eyes to the right parts of the screen and put them in the mindset of wanting to come to the barcade. We updated the client’s website to start tracking analytics and look at the behavior of users across different pages.


All of this led to a very successful redesign launch that has increased foot traffic to Quarters bringing in a lot of new customers that found the site through google searches and increased sales for memberships and ticketed events by regulars. They’re able to update the site themselves, add events, and even have their beer menu automatically updated. We loved working on this project and helping other local business owners succeed!



Meg Drennan
Graphic/UI Design

Jaime Faina
UX Design, WIX Web Development