An online research platform developed by strategic planners for creative thinkers.



KOLONY is a research web-app that is used by companies to conduct research in non-traditional methodologies such as digital collaging. They create different activities for participants to go through on a schedule over a few days. The activities include questions, ranking, collaging, etc. Moderators of the tests can view responses, comment, and request follow-ups. Participants can see each other’s responses if the test settings allow it, so moderators can view how a group mentality changes user responses to different prompts.


Participants in the test can login to any browser to complete the activities. We wanted to make it as easy as possible for participants to answer prompts and complete activities so they can focus on responding and not figuring out a clunky interface.




Development Process

We first did a competitive audit. To find patterns in best practices and interesting/unique aspects different competitors are doing. We also researched user reviews about each competitor and went through demos ourselves to see how they each pitch their products differently. It was all very useful information to make sure we were experts on what’s out there already before we started to redesign this product.


We interviewed several of their current customers to start understanding what type of users interact with the product and where the current pain points are.




The user interviews and competitive audit helped us structure feature sets and define user stories.



We then reorganized the Information Architecture and Sitemap which grouped the content in ways that made more sense to users. This improved our ability to design a navigation system that users found intuitive.



Then we built an interactive mockup prototype that we used in usability tests with various users. Here’s a recording of one of the participant test sessions.



We found a few places that could be improved and iterated the designs before creating the final Functionality Specs and Visual UI Kit.





KUDZU liked our work and hired us again, this time to create a marketing webpage that showcased KOLONY to bring in new clients. We focused a lot on the strategy of the page, which information would matter to the users reading it, and give them an easy way to schedule a free demo.



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Jaime Faina
Product Manager and UX Designer


Megan Drennan
UI Designer and Project Manager

John Reposa
Frontend Developer


Jake Zangrilli
Backend and Frontend Developer